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Sale ends Labor Day-Monday, Sept. 7th at 12 am EST is having an "end of summer" sale.  When you order a total of $80 or more, you are eligible for FREE shipping via USPS Priority mail.  USPS Priority generally takes 2-3 business days, depending on your location.


*Please note all of our products will have an icon stating "Eligible for free shipping"-this means they are eligible to be part of the total amount. NOT that each item is eligible-it is the total of $80 or more that is eligible to receive free shipping.


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Welcome to TFTestkits.......Manufacturer of the TF-100

The Best Residential Pool Test Kit Available


We have a lot of extra Taylor reagents on hand in the 0.75 ounce size, so if you would like a Complete Refill Set for your Taylor K-2006, simply order a Complete refill set (click on TF-100 refills and you will see it) and put "make it a K-2006" when you checkout under shipping instructions.  The price will still be $39.95. This is much cheaper than ordering individual reagents and it is like getting a brand new test kit.  The powder will be in our jars, but fits in the Taylor kit and is the same amount.



We currently sell and offer complete support for three swimming pool test kits....

1) The TF-100 Test Kit - the finest, most comprehensive swimming pool test kit you can buy.

2) The TF-50 - A smaller, economical version of the TF-100 with smaller quantities of reagents.

3) The Taylor K-2006, a great kit with similar tests but presented in a different format.

They all contain tests that will help you get (or keep) your pool water in balance and identify any problems that may be developing in your pool...often before you see them.

Learn more by clicking Test Kits (on the left) or log on to and get first-hand advice from folks already using these kits.

If you already own a kit and are simply looking for refills, we keep a complete inventory of refills for these kits.  Click the appropriate refill section on the left. 
We also stock Single Item Tests like the CYA Test and FAS/DPD Test as well as tests for Iron, Copper, and Salt. 

We inventory an interesting product called Standard Solution.  It gives you an inexpensive way to calibrate your test results for CH. TA, and CYA.  These solutions are found in "Options for Test Kits" on the left under "Categories"
As always, we promise the fastest shipping available (same business day if ordered by 2:00pm) and the absolute freshest chemistry available on the internet.
Please browse the site and feel free to contact us with any questions.
We can only ship these kits to the 50 US states and US territories.
*If you need help with your order, please call TFTestkits at 919-528-1454.
*If you need help with pool related questions, try first. They are the experts!