TF-Pro Refill Set

TF-Pro Refill Set
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Now: $44.80


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This item will be on sale from 3/1/2023 to 3/31/2023 at a 20% discount.

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This refill set contains replacements for every reagent found in the TF-Pro kit at half the price. Hardware is not included. Taylor Technologies, the producer of all of our reagents, recommends replacing reagents every year to ensure high quality test results. This set includes:

  • R-0003 0.75oz
  • R-0007 1oz
  • R-0008 1oz
  • R-0009 1oz
  • R-0010 1oz
  • R-0011L 1oz
  • R-0012 1oz
  • 3x R-0013 2 oz
  • R-0014 0.75oz
  • R-0600 0.75oz
  • R-0870 10g
  • R-0871 2oz 

...all at a savings of 50% compared with the individual components.