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If you have a question about using the kit or how to perform a test, by far the quickest answer will always be to log on to the forums at ™ and ask your questions to hundreds of users there.

You can also reach us by email at  

You may contact us by phone @ (919) 528-1454.  We are a small company and the phone is not always answered by a live person.  If you leave a message, we are good at returning calls promptly and solving any issue quickly.


Frequently asked questions


Do you ship to Canada?

No, we do not ship to Canada because Taylor Technologies has an exclusive relationship with a distributor in Canada.

Do you ship overseas?

No, due to shipping regulations regarding chemistry, we do not ship overseas.

Do the reagents expire?

Ah, the big question. Yes, they expire. All of our chemistry is from Taylor Technologies and they recommend, as a general precaution, replacing reagents more than one year old, or at the beginning of a new testing season. Please make sure you store reagents away from direct sunlight, and in a consistent temperature between 38-80 degrees F, Please read more at Taylor Technologies for specific storage, and MSDS precautions.

When will my order arrive?

We ship every business day except on back ordered items. Please check under Shipping for details regarding UPS and USPS

I have my test kit, now what do I do?

Please check out the forum,, and plug your numbers into PoolMath (tab at top). PoolMath will automatically calculate what you should add or subtract to achieve safe swimming levels.

I have an issue with my order, what should I do?

Contact us at

I have an issue with my pool and/or my test results, what should I do?

Please post your question/concern at They are the experts and will respond quickly.