TF-100 Test Kit ™

TF-100 test kit
Optional Items :
pH Meter- (Add $17.00 )


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Contents of TF-100 test kit:

K-1000 Test Kit – Blue Plastic Box (R-0600 and R-0014 contained in the K-1000)

R-0007 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

R-0008 – 1 oz dropper bottle (dark fluid) 

R-0009 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

R-0010 – ½ oz dropper bottle 

R-0011L – ½ oz dropper bottle (dark fluid) 

R-0012 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

CYA View Tube with black dot at bottom of tube 

R-0003 – ¾ oz dropper bottle 

R-0870 Powder - small white jar* 

R-0871 – 2 oz white dropper bottle 

Graduated Cylinders (2) 

R-0013 – 8oz bottle (remove protective seal to dispense) 

Red Tipped CYA Dispenser (please cut off top 1/8” of tip) 

Small Blue Spoon (hold flat end and use scoop end) 

*The R-0870 (DPD) Powder Jar contains a full 10 grams. The jar is intentionally oversized to prevent spilling when you scoop powder from the jar. 

Options-MANY are back ordered due to shortages across the world

1.Smart Stir- We are currently selling the Smart Stir. A magnetic stirring device that makes testing more accurate, precise, consistent and reliable. You will feel like a real chemist with the Smart Stir!!  

2.  Borates Test Strips - If you use borates in your pool, or plan to, these strips will provide you adequate accuracy to keep your borates around the 50ppm recommended mark. *New Taylor Borate Strips from the industry leader.

3. Taylor Salt Test Strips - If you have a salt pool, testing the salt content of your pool water is very important.

4.  Taylor K-1766 Salt Test - For those with salt pools and wanting more precision than the salt strips can provide. The Taylor K-1766 reagents R-0718 and R-0630 come in 0.75 oz size. 

5.  The "XL" option - This doubles the volume of the two most expensive reagents.  It is a really good way for people with green pools (algae) or performing baquacil conversion to get the extra testing materials they need and save some money doing so.

6. The "Standard Sampler"-Did you ever want to have the answers to the test? Now, you do! Standard Solutions are basically pool water with a set level. Standard solutions provide an excellent way to test your reagent and/or your testing methods. You simply use the Standard solution like it is pool water and perform the test. 

The Standard Sampler provides solutions for pH, CYA, TA and CH. It is to be used with Taylor and TF-100 reagents.

7. This pH meter is the perfect device for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It comes with a  small screwdriver for calibration. It is easy to use - simply remove the protective cap and immerse the electrode in the solution to be measured. Included with the meter are 6.86 and 4.01 pH buffers for an calibration. Instructions for calibration are also included with the pH meter. 
One year warranty 

I have been using my pH meter for two years now and use it more often to test pH than I use the drop test for pH. I can't discern between the colors on the pH comparator block, so the meter gives me a quick, accurate reading without any fuss. It does need to be calibrated (about every 5 months), but it comes with buffer solutions OR you can use the pH standard to calibrate it. It is easy to calibrate it. I highly recommend using it in conjunction with phenol red pH test.

The TF-100 contains 7 tests

Each  test is designed to help you understand the condition of your pool water.  Combined, these tests give you a perfect "picture" of your water.  The results will let you know, even if your pool is perfectly clear, that you may need to make some adjustments to keep it that way.

(If your pool is a "Green Monster" (algae laden) or suffers from some very noticeable water problems, the XL option will provide you even more of the chemistry you need most to clear your pool quickly.  It will also provide you the information needed to analyze what's wrong and help you take the corrective steps necessary.)

It contains 7 tests.....each designed to help you understand the condition of your pool water.  Combined, these tests give you a perfect "picture" of your water.  The results will let you know, even if your pool is perfectly clear, that you may need to make some adjustments to keep it that way.

The tests are:

  1. Chlorine Test (OTO) very reliable for detecting the presence of chlorine in your pool - normally used daily.  The most common cause of pool water problems is lack of chlorine.
  2. pH Test - This important parameter of your pool water should be tested frequently.  Too high and you can form calcium deposits (scaling).  Too low and you can damage your equipment.
  3. Chlorine Test (FAS/DPD) - This test seperates the TF-100 from cheaper "bargain" kits......most simply do not have this test.  Measuring chlorine VERY  precisely, even up to 50ppm+, this test is indespensible to a pool owner.....especially when correcting pool water problems.
  4. Combined Chloramines Test - CC's are a good indicator of the need to shock your pool.  The TF-100 can measure CC's down to .2ppm.  Cheaper kits will not have the CC's test.
  5. Calcium Hardness Test - measure the CH of your pool water and your fill water as well.  This allows you to control and manage this important parameter.  Excessive calcium contributes to scaling and too little can damage your plaster.
  6. Total Alkalinity Test - TA buffers your pH.  While there is a lot of latitude with this parameter, close monitoring (testing) several times during the summer is essential.
  7. Cyanuric Acid Test - CYA protects your chlorine from sunlight.  It must be kept at the proper level to be effective.  Again, the cheaper kits do not perform this essential test

All packed carefully in a customizable, large plastic case, these kits come complete with all the chemistry and hardware you need.   Thorough instructions will guide you through each test and provide you with guidelines to tell you what levels are acceptable.