Complete Refill Set for TF-100

A Complete Refill Set for all the
consumable items in the TF-100
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Our Price: $37.60
pH meter
pH Meter

This pH meter is the perfect device for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It comes with a  small screwdriver for calibration. It is easy to use - simply remove the protective cap and immerse the electrode in the solution to be measured. Included with the meter are 6.86 and 4.01 pH buffers for an calibration. Instructions for calibration are also included with the pH meter. 
One year warranty 

I have been using my pH meter for two years now and use it more often to test pH than I use the drop test for pH. I can't discern between the colors on the pH comparator block, so the meter gives me a quick, accurate reading without any fuss. It does need to be calibrated (about every 5 months), but it comes with buffer solutions OR you can use the pH standard to calibrate it. It is easy to calibrate it. I highly recommend using it in conjunction with phenol red pH test.

Comes with 3 x AG 13 button cell batteries OR 4 LR44 batteries

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Complete Refill Set Taylor K-2006

Everyone kept asking us, "Do you have a Complete Refill set for the K-2006?". Well, now we do! All the reagents found in the K-2006 test kit in much larger quantities (except the R-0010 and R-0011L because many people do not use large quantities of these reagents). Many people carefully pop the tip off their Taylor bottles and pour in the corresponding reagent so they fit in their Taylor box. It contains:

-2 ounces R-0871

-10 grams R-0870

-0.75 ounce R-0003 (in Taylor bottle)

-1 ounce R-0004, R-0005, R-0006,  R-0007, R-0008, R-0009 and R-0012

-0.5 ounce R-0010 and R-0011L

-8 ounces R-0013

Suggested Retail: $52.00
Our Price: $41.60