Skimmer nets, leaf rakes, pool wall brushes, and Skimmer Angel

Blue Devil B4017 Leaf Rake

Aluminum frame

  • Polypropylene net
  • Connects easily and quickly to a telepole for scooping debris from pool floor
Skimmer Angel

Frogs, snakes, bugs and worse – they all find a way to your skimmer basket. The new Skimmer Angel allows you to remove your basket without ever getting your hands wet, avoiding the critters, even the ones you can’t see. The Skimmer Angel attaches to the bottom of your skimmer basket using two provided screws. The handle sits above the waterline and below the skimmer lid so it's always there when you need it.


The Wall Whale Brush 18 " Nylon

Since its introduction in 2004, the Wall Whale has been recognized by the industry as the most effective brush on the market. The tail holds the brush against the wall making brushing a breeze. Now it is the most amazing brush on the market. 

Wall Brush, 24″, Nylon Bristles, Reinforced Metal Back

This 24 inch pool wall brush has nylon bristles, safe for cleaning all pools, and a reinforced, metal spoiler fin that helps adhere the brush to the wall when brushing. Works well for cleaning algae. It is perfect for cleaning larger pools (my pool is 50 ft by 20 ft and 40,000 gallons). Fits most telepoles. I would get the 18 inch wall brush if your pool is smaller. 

*Does not have "squeegee" apparatus that the 18 " one does