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Complete Refill Set for TF-Pro

A Complete Refill Set for all the
consumable items in the TF-Pro (does not include salt reagents)
See Details for contents

TF-Pro comparator block

Comparator block used in TF-Pro

CYA mixing bottle for TF-Pro, TF-100 and K-2006 view tubes/comparator block

CYA mixing bottle with custom print gradations at 7.5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml so it can be used with the TF-100 test kit, the TF-Pro test kit and even the Taylor K-2006 kits. Rememeber, the CYA reagent to pool water is 50:50, so half reagent, half pool water. 

R-0013-TWO OUNCE size for TF-Pro

Two ounce size of R-0013 will fit in TF-Pro case. If you are using the larger TF-100 view tube, you will likely need the larger size due to larger amount of R-0013 you will need. This size works best with TF-Pro view tube and TF-Pro mixing bottle.

Cross shaped Magnetic Stir bar

Magnetic stirring pill that can be used with Speedstir or Smart Stir. 

The cross bar shape reduces "bean jumping" often common in cylinder shaped pills

Mini-XL (best value)
  • For Free Chlorine Test 
  • 1  oz R-0871
  • See Details
CYA View Tube LITTLE (30-100 ppm For TF-Pro Series or TF-100)

Custom made CYA view tube to fit in TF-Pro Series. One can use any View Tube they like as long as you mix a ratio of 50% pool water to 50% R-0013. This view tube takes a lot less (appr. 7.5 ml) CYA reagent. *** Best if used with CYA mixing bottle for TF-Pro, TF-100 and K-2006

R-0011L-ONE OUNCE (For TF-Pro Series and TF-100)
  • 2nd of 3 items for CH test
  • 1 oz
  • Enough for 140 tests
  • Will fit into the TF-Pro series and TF-100 box
R-0010-ONE OUNCE (For TF-100 and TF-Pro series)
  • 1st of 3 items for CH test
  • 1 oz
  • Enough for 38 tests
  • Will fit in TF-Pro series and TF-100 box
TF-Pro *Salt with SpeedStir-for pools with SWG

The TF-Pro with Salt Smart Stir sets the standard for excellence in Pool Testing Kits.  It contains 7 separate tests to give you accurate readings on each important pool water parameter.

There are FIVE options that can be purchased at a discount when you purchase the TF-Pro. You must order through "Details" to get the discounted pricing.

**The TF-100 uses all reagents from Taylor Technologies. To find out more about the test kit, please look at


The TF-Pro with Smart Stir has combined the best of all residential pool test kits to create the most stunning, accurate and reliable pool test kit available.  Testing is most effective when using the Smart Stir magnetric stirrer. The Smart Stir is one of a kind magnetic stirring device with cross shaped magnet for more accurate etsting results. Everything you need is contained in the custom case. The case and custom insert are waterproof. You will automatically qualify for free shipping with the purchase of the TF-Pro. The TF-Pro conatins:

Contents of TF-Pro Salt with Smart Stir test kit:

Smart Stir

Magnetic stirring pill

Comparator block

R-0630 3/4 oz

R-0718 3/4 oz

R-0600-3/4 oz dropper bottle

R-0014-3/4 oz dropper bottle

R-0007 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

R-0008 – 1 oz dropper bottle (dark fluid) 

R-0009 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

R-0010 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

R-0011L – 1 oz dropper bottle (dark fluid) 

R-0012 – 1 oz dropper bottle 

CYA View Tube with black dot at bottom of tube 

R-0003 – ¾ oz dropper bottle 

R-0870 Powder - small white jar* 

R-0871 – 2 oz white dropper bottle 

Graduated Cylinders (2) 

R-0013 – 6 oz

Red Tipped CYA Dispenser (please cut off top 1/8” of tip) 

Small Blue Spoon (hold flat end and use scoop end) 

Laminated instruction card