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R-0630 Chromate Indicator for Salt Test
  • Replacement reagent for the K-1766
  • Enough for about 500 tests
R-0718 Silver Nitrate Reagent

Silver Nitrate Reagent refill for the K-1766 Salt Test

-22 ml (3/4 ounce) size to fit in your Taylor K-1766 Salt Test Kit


TF-100 Test Kit ™




The TF-100 sets the standard for excellence in Pool Testing Kits.  It contains 7 separate tests to give you accurate readings on each important pool water parameter.

There are SEVEN options that can be purchased at a discount when you purchase the TF-100. You must order through "Details" to get the discounted pricing.

**The TF-100 uses all reagents from Taylor Technologies. To find out more about the test kit, please look at