Kit Hardware (cylinders, spoons, Smart Stirs, etc)

Cross shaped Magnetic Stir bar

Magnetic stirring pill that can be used with Speedstir or Smart Stir. 

The cross bar shape reduces "bean jumping" often common in cylinder shaped pills

CYA Mixing Bottle (for TF-100)

Mixing bottle used to perform the TF-100 CYA test

CYA mixing bottle for TF-Pro, TF-100 and K-2006 view tubes/comparator block

CYA mixing bottle with custom print gradations at 7.5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml so it can be used with the TF-100 test kit, the TF-Pro test kit and even the Taylor K-2006 kits. Rememeber, the CYA reagent to pool water is 50:50, so half reagent, half pool water. 

CYA View Tube *BIG(20-100 ppm)

This is the the CYA view tube designed for use with the TF-100 kit, not the Taylor kit. It is marked to measure between 20-100 ppm.

CYA View Tube LITTLE (30-100 ppm For TF-Pro Series or TF-100)

Custom made CYA view tube to fit in TF-Pro Series. One can use any View Tube they like as long as you mix a ratio of 50% pool water to 50% R-0013. This view tube takes a lot less (appr. 7.5 ml) CYA reagent. *** Best if used with CYA mixing bottle for TF-Pro, TF-100 and K-2006

Magnetic Stirring Bar for Taylor SpeedStir

Did you misplace the magnetic bar to your SpeedStir? This is it.


Scoop (For all Kits)

Scoop used with the R-0870 powder for the Chlorine Test

Smart Stir


TF-100 Graduated Cylinder-Chlorine only

This is the Chlorine only grdaued cylinder for the TF-100. Use for the FAS/DPD test as that test will stain a cylinder.

TF-100 Graduated Cylinder-Plain

This is the plain graduated cylinder found in the TF-100 test kit. The black lines makes it easier to read.

TF-100 Laminated Instruction Card

Waterproofed with heavy lamination, this 5 x 8 instruction card is convenient and easy to read.  (This card already comes in every need to get it if you are also ordering the kit)

TF-100 test kit box

This is the empty box for the TF-100 test kit. Designed to hold all items in TF-100 test kit. Comes with separations already in place.

TF-Pro comparator block

Comparator block used in TF-Pro