Taylor K-1000 Basic Test Kit



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Packaged in a signature Taylor blue case, the K-1000 Basic kit contains two simple tests for daily maintenance of your swimming pool, hot tub, or spa. Includes 0.75oz of R-0014 phenol red indicator for pH and 0.75oz of R-0600 orthotolidine (OT) reagent for testing total chlorine or bromine. This amount of reagent is good for over 100 tests each. Fill the included two-sided comparator block with pool water, add 5 drops of R-0014 to the right side and 5 drops of R-0600 to the left side. Mix well, then compare each side's color to the grading scales located directly on the comparator block. These two tests are ideal for quick and easy testing to ensure your total chlorine or bromine levels are maintained and your pH is balanced. Double-sided instruction sheet is included in the blue case.