TF-Pro Salt

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We are currently out of Smart Stirs. All TF-Pro and TF-Pro Salt kits will ship with the Taylor SpeedStir instead. The SpeedStir is functionally identical to the Smart Stir and fits in the Pro case. We anticipate restocking Smart Stirs in early August. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The TF-Pro Salt with Smart Stir combines the best of all residential pool test kits to create the most stunning, accurate and reliable pool test kit available. It contains 8 separate tests to give you accurate readings on each important pool water parameter, including sodium chloride (salt) levels important for pool owners utilizing a salt-water generator (SWG).  Testing is most effective and quickest when using the magnetic stirring device. Everything you need is contained in the waterproof custom case and specially designed insert. You will automatically qualify for free shipping with the purchase of the TF-Pro. TFTestkits uses reagents from Taylor Technologies exclusively. To find out more about our test kits, please look at this link

Contents of TF-Pro Salt test kit:

  • Taylor SpeedStir magnetic stirring device with 4 AA batteries
  • Magnetic stirring bar
  • Heavy duty 40mL cylinder with embossed graduations
  • TF comparator block for R-0014 pH indicator and R-0600 orthotolidine reagent
    Please note that this exact block is not as pictured above - see here for the exact block
  • R-0600 -- 0.75 oz dropper bottle
  • R-0014 -- 0.75 oz dropper bottle
  • R-0007 – 1 oz dropper bottle 
  • R-0008 – 1 oz dropper bottle (dark green fluid) 
  • R-0009 – 1 oz dropper bottle 
  • R-0010 – 1 oz dropper bottle 
  • R-0011L – 1 oz dropper bottle (dark blue fluid) 
  • R-0012 – 1 oz dropper bottle 
  • CYA view tube (Little, TF-Pro sized) with black dot at bottom of tube 
  • R-0003 – 0.75 oz dropper bottle 
  • R-0870 powder - small white jar
  • R-0871 – 2 oz white dropper bottle 
  • Graduated cylinder for chlorine testing 
  • R-0013 – 6 oz
  • CYA mixing bottle with printed graduations and red tip (please cut off top 1/8” of tip) 
  • Small blue scoop for R-0870 DPD powder (hold flat end and use scoop end) 
  • R-0630 -- 0.75oz dropper bottle
  • R-0718 -- 0.75oz dropper bottle
  • Laminated instruction card
  • Tip sheet

The TF-Pro Salt contains 8 tests

Each test is designed to help you understand the condition of your pool water.  Combined, these tests give you a perfect "picture" of your water.  The results will let you know, even if your pool is perfectly clear, that you may need to make some adjustments to keep it that way.

The tests are:

  1. Chlorine Test (OTO) - Daily qualitative test that is very reliable for detecting the presence of chlorine in your pool, rather than the quantity. The most common cause of pool water problems is lack of chlorine.
  2. pH Test - This important parameter of your pool water should be tested daily. Too high and you can form calcium deposits (scaling). Too low and you can damage your equipment.
  3. Chlorine Test (FAS/DPD) - This test measures free chlorine VERY precisely, even up to 50ppm+. This test separates our kit from cheaper "bargain" kits and is invaluable when fighting an active algae problem.
  4. Combined Chloramines Test (CCs) - CCs are a good indicator of the need to SLAM your pool.  This test can measure CCs accurately down to 0.2ppm.
  5. Calcium Hardness Test (CH) - measure the CH of your pool water and your fill water as well.  This test allows you to control and manage this important parameter.  Excessive calcium contributes to scaling and too little can damage plaster.
  6. Total Alkalinity Test (TA) - TA prevents sudden and drastic pH changes.  This parameter has a large range of acceptable levels, but testing several times during the pool season is essential.
  7. Cyanuric Acid Test (CYA) - CYA protects your chlorine from sunlight.  It must be kept at the proper levels to be effective.  Again, the cheaper kits do not perform this essential test.
  8. Salt Test - If your pool utilizes a saltwater chlorine generator, this test measures your salt levels to ensure your generator is operating efficiently.

All packed carefully in a waterproof case with custom insert, this kit comes complete with all the chemistry and hardware you need.   Thorough instructions will guide you through each test.

What add-ons do I need?

You might consider adding the SLAM Option, which includes additional R-0870 DPD powder and R-0871 FAS/DPD reagent, to your kit if you are fighting an active algae problem. The additional reagents will offset the more frequent testing you will perform as part of the SLAM process (Shock, Level, and Maintain).

You might consider adding Taylor borates test strips to your kit if you choose to utilize optional borates in your pool. More information regarding the use of borates can be found here on Trouble Free Pool.

You might consider adding Taylor salt test strips to your kit if your pool or spa utilizes a saltwater chlorine generator. Drop-based tests for salt (included in TF-Pro Salt and TF-100 Salt) are more accurate, reliable, and cost efficient. However, there is no denying the simplicity and ease of using a test strip, which is why we offer both drop-based tests and test strips for salt.

You might consider adding the Standard Sampler to your kit if you are a newcomer to drop-based testing and want to verify that your methods and results are accurate and free of interference. Standard solutions take the place of your pool water and contain known water parameter levels, as opposed to your pool water which is unknown until tested. The standard solutions can also assist with the more subjective pH test and CYA test, demonstrating the expected color or turbidity endpoint so you know how to read your testing perfectly. 

You might consider adding the pH Tester to your kit if you are looking to simplify your daily pool testing process. The pH tester produces a pH reading that is accurate to +/- 0.1 pH in about 15 seconds. Using the pH tester is as simple as turning it on and dipping it into your pool. The LCD screen is backlit and easily read, and the package includes calibration materials so that you can ensure the accuracy of your tester. The batteries on the unit are also replaceable so this tester can be used for future pool seasons. If you are SLAMing or plan to SLAM, this tester will allow you to keep track of your pH even when your FC is high.

You might consider adding the C-600 multifunction meter to your kit if you are looking to simplify your daily pool testing process and explore more advanced topics in pool water chemistry. The C-600 tests for a variety of water parameters including pH, temperature, salt, total dissolved solids (TDS), conductivity (EC), redox potential (ORP), and specific gravity (SG). Using the C-600 is as simple as turning it on and dipping it into your pool. Then, in just a few seconds, the C-600 can tell you the pH and salt levels in your saltwater pool! Salt testing reagents are expensive and this meter provides an alternative method for testing your pool's salt levels. If you are SLAMing or plan to SLAM, this tester will allow you to keep track of your pH even when your FC is high. The meter can also function as an instant read thermometer, useful for calculating calcium saturation index once you are more versed in balancing your pool's water. This factory-calibrated meter is usable straight out of the box, but also includes pH calibration solutions for future recalibration. TDS, EC, ORP, and SG are not parameters that we routinely test for, however these may be indicators of sanitary conditions and may correlate with how quickly your pool consumes chlorine.

TF-Pro test kit tips 

  • The R-0870 powder is very susceptible to moisture and will absorb it, darken and clump.  However, the powder is still potent and usable regardless of the visual appearance. Store in a dry place and put jar lid back on immediately after opening. 
  • Your testing results will be more accurate if you use the Smart Stir for the FAS-DPD test, the CH test, and the TA test. The stir bar can be placed in its insert or on the magnetic circle of the Smart Stir.
  • We have two cylinders in the test kit because one should be used for FAS-DPD chlorine testing only. This is because the nature of the R-0870 powder is to stain EVERYTHING (don't spill it). It will stain cylinders, the blue spoon, etc. You can clean them off with rubbing alcohol. Just remember to rinse well after you clean them. You can buy replacements for these at under "kit hardware". 
  • The tips of the bottles can pop off and be put back on if they become clogged or dusty.
  • Snip the tip off the CYA mixing bottle (it is the one with the red cap on the tip) 
  • Use the 7.5 ml and 15 ml mark for the TF-Pro view tube and the 15 ml to 30 ml for the TF-100 test kit. The ratio is half pool water to half CYA  reagent.
  • Please test indoors!
  • There is enough room under the Smart Stir to fit items like a Taylor SampleSizer
  • As a general precaution, we recommend replacing reagents every year. However, we will guarantee reagents for up to 12 months from date of purchase. If you have a reagent that you think has expired, contact us at and we will address the issue promptly.