Standard Sampler



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Standard solutions are basically pool water with calibrated levels that can be used in place of pool water in testing. The standards are to be used in place of your pool water in the exact same way that the instruction card outlines for each test. Standard solutions provide an excellent way to test your reagent freshness and your testing methods. The Standard Sampler provides standard solutions for pH, cyanuric acid (CYA), total alkalinity (TA), and calcium hardness (CH) in a cost-saving set. 

For the pH test, use the R-7062 standard (7.2 pH) in place of pool water in your comparator block, or use it to calibrate your pH meter. The expected result is exactly pH 7.2.

For the CH test, use 10mL R-7063 CH standard (200ppm) to fill your cylinder before adding 10 drops of R-0010, 3 drops of R-0011L, etc. The expected result is 200ppm.

For the TA test, use 25mL R-7064 TA standard (100ppm) to fill your cylinder before adding 2 drops R-0007 and 5 drops R-0008, etc.. The expected result is 100ppm.

For the CYA test, combine 7.5mL of the R-7065 CYA standard (50ppm) and 7.5mL of R-0013 in your CYA mixing bottle and fill the view tube until the dot is obscured per the directions. The expected result is 50ppm.