ScumRay Twin Pack



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Want a better way to keep your hot tub clean? Let ScumRay do it’s magic! ScumRay keeps your hot tub sparkling clean by absorbing the scum created by body oil and lotions. Oil trapped on the surface and deep inside can be seen under black lighting. ScumRay’s unique absorbing fibers attract body oils. These fibers are woven into a 3D honeycomb micromesh, dramatically increasing the surface area available to trap hot tub scum. Simply machine wash with dark laundry to remove all of the trapped scum, then air dry.

ScumRay’s clever design allows it to both float and sink, maximizing the surface area in contact with your water. The submerged tail allows water to wash over its wings, quickly trapping scum. ScumRay’s belly fibers trap body oils that go through your hot tub pump, as these oils rise to the surface. Secure it to your hot tub with the included suction cup, or tie it to a feature in your tub or chemical dispense. After every dip in your tub, take ScumRay by the tail and gently sweep it back and forth across the water to absorb floating oils. Before every wash, use ScumRay’s padded head to wipe scum build-up at your hot tub’s waterline.The twin pack lets you have one in the tub and one in the wash!

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