FloVis Flow Meter - Retrofit Meter

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This retrofit model was truly the easiest item I have ever added to my pool.  I already had a jandy check valve, so from the time I began to read the instructions, it was operational in less than 10 minutes!

I came across this meter last fall and got immediately interested.  With other meters, there is a pipe length requirement where you must have straight piping for a certain length going in and out of the meter.  Not this one.  If you can fit it in, it will work.

Simply choose between the 1.5" model or the 2"-2.5" model and fit it into your system and you're done.  

Best of all, this meter is certified accurate within 2% of actual flow!!  Kind of a pricey product but I just installed mine and it is a high quality piece of equipment with a surprisingly simple, but well thought out design.


Particularly if you have one of the new VS pumps, this will be an amazingly helpful device.  I have a standard pump but still find it reassuring to know just how much water is flowing through my system!


*Under normal operating conditions, the FlowVis® is designed to operate for many years without a need for service or repair. However, when exposed to chemicals and temperatures that are far beyond normal swim ready pool water conditions, premature failures can result. Specifically, a very high concentration of chlorine caused by the failure of thirdparty chlorine feeders and especially when related to pump run dry conditions, can create heated and super-chlorinated water vapor that can attack any metallic or soft rubber materials and destroy them. Failures due to these kinds of system related issues are not related to FlowVis quality or manufacturing defects and are the responsibility of the owner.