FAS/DPD Chlorine Test Kit



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The FAS/DPD test will test for free chlorine up to 50+ppm with a resolution of 0.5ppm. Additionally, it contains R-0003 reagent so you can test for combined chloramines. This kit includes R-0870 10g, R-0871 2oz, and R-0003 0.75oz with a scoop, instructions, and a testing cylinder labeled "Chlorine only". 

 R-0870 is added to pool water to produce a color change to pink. R-0871 is added to produce a color change back to colorless (clear). The number of drops required is divided by 2 to determine free chlorine level. Then, R-0003 is added to return the color of the solution to pink and R-0871 is again added to return to colorless. The second number of drops required is divided by 2 to determine combined chloramines level. The jar is oversized to prevent spilling, so it will not appear full upon receipt. Exposure to humidity and light will darken this powder and cause it clump, but the powder is still usable and potent regardless. Simply crush the clumps back into powder and proceed with testing. 

Does not come in its own kit box or container.  It contains enough chemistry to perform around 40-70 tests depending on your chlorine levels.