Complete Refill Set Taylor K-2006

Taylor K-2006 Complete Refill Set
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Everyone kept asking us, "Do you have a Complete Refill set for the K-20006?". Well, now we do! All the reagents found in the K-2006 test kit in much larger quantities (except the R-0010 and R-0011L because many people do not use large quantities of these reagents). Many people carefully pop the tip off their Taylor bottles and pour in the corresponding reagent so they fit in their Taylor box. It contains:

-2 ounces R-0871

-10 grams R-0870

-0.75 ounce R-0003 (in Taylor bottle)

-1 ounce R-0004, R-0005, R-0006,  R-0007, R-0008, R-0009 and R-0012

-0.5 ounce R-0010 and R-0011L

-8 ounces R-0013