CYA mixing bottle for TF-Pro, TF-100 and K-2006 view tubes/comparator block

CYA mixing bottle


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CYA mixing bottle with custom printed gradations at 7.5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml so it can be used with the TF-100 test kit, the TF-Pro test kit and even the Taylor K-2006 kits. Rememeber, the CYA reagent to pool water is 50:50, so half reagent, half pool water. 

Just snip the grooved line under the red tip. For the TF-Pro and K-2006-fill the mixing bottle to the 7.5 ml mark and then CYA reagent to the 15 ml mark. Mix then wait 30 seconds. Shake once more. You will use the 15 ml mark and 30 ml mark for the larger, TF-100 view tube.