C-600 pH + Salt Meter



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The C-600 meter is a multifunction meter that can test for a variety of water parameters. The meter comes factory-calibrated but pH buffer solutions are provided for later recalibration. Batteries are included and replaceable.

  1.  pH: The C-600 provides a near instantaneous pH reading with an error of +/- 0.05 pH. Three pH buffers and step by step instructions.are provided with the meter to perform pH recalibration.
  2. Salinity: The C-600 measures salt levels in your pool water with an error of +/- 10 ppm. Maintainance of salt level is key for optimal salt water generator (SWG) output. 
  3. Temperature: The C-600 acts as an instant-read thermometer, to assist in your calcium saturation index (CSI) calculations.
  4. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Conductivity (EC): The C-600 measures TDS and EC which can be a helpful indicator of phosphate buildup, risk for corrosion of equipment, risk for swimmer eye irritation, and more.
  5. Redox Potential (ORP): The C-600 measures ORP which can correlate with proper pool sanitation. However, careful monitoring of your FC and CYA levels are most important for sanitation.