Blue Smart Stir (ON CLEARANCE)



Eligible for FREE Shipping

These blue Smart Stirs were ordered in error and are now on closeout sale. They are fully functional but there is one problem: the LED on the unit is tinted blue, which can interfere with testing visibility as opposed to helping. Hence, they are on steep discount! If you do not use the LED light function they are no different from the original Smart Stir.

The Smart Stir is a magnetic stirring device that makes mixing your testing solutions totally painless. Portable with single click operation. Automatic shutoff after 4 minutes for improved battery life. Fits all industry standard pool testing and mixing tubes (25-32mm diameter), and is 100% compatible with all TFTestkits tubes, kits and tests. Includes a heavy duty 40mL mixing cylinder embossed at 5mm increments. Comes with cross shaped stir bar for peak performance and less wobbling than other stirring devices.