Blue Devil B8500C Basket Buddies, Skimmer Basket Filter Socks, Regular Size, 5-pack

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These may be the smartest thing you can do for your pool! I live rural and normally I use skimmer socks after spring opening when every tree on the planet is shedding dead blossoms or heaven knows what into my pool, followed by dandelion season, followed by Cottonwood tree season (if you don't have Cottonwoods you have no idea what a mess these things make!)...and am able to stop their use. This year there is so much pollen floating around that I have used my socks continuously. They trap even the smallest bugs and more pollen than you would think they could thus letting me go a lot longer between cleaning out my filter cartridge. Some days I had to change my socks twice a day, which was unusual even for me, but it is not a hassle compared to removing and cleaning the cartridge. For the price, try them, you will love skimmer socks!! These are very well made and are just a tiny bit heavier than the ones I was getting at our local pool store. To clean them I put them inside out over a deck post, let the contents dry, bang them on the railing and wash and re-use.