The Complete Refill Set for the TF-100 Test Kit Sale



Every year, in order to kick off pool season, marks 20% off the Complete Refill Set for the TF-100 test kit. is selling the Complete Refill Set for the TF-100 test kit for 20% off the regular price.  Typically, the refill set costs $45.00, but from March 1, 2018 (12 am EST)  to March 21, 2018 (12 am EST)  it will be $36.00.  Order now as the offer is only good while supplies last.  The chemistry is fresh as it was packaged in Feb. 2018.  All reagents in refill set are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase.

No promo code needed, the sales price is set at $36.00 during this time. Simply click here Complete Refill Set , add it to your cart, choose your shipping and checkout! 

Remember, the refill set does NOT come with any kit hardware (spoons, cylinders, etc). You can get new hardware here kit hardware. The refill set does include every reagent in the TF-100. 

*For the first time EVER, we are pleased to offer the Complete Refill Set for the Taylor K-2006 also at 20% off the regular retail price. Instead of $50 it will be on sale for $40 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. I have a VERY limited supply of these, so order now.

As always, we appreciate your business. If you have any questions please contact us at or 919-528-1454.


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If you really want to save some money, order the "TF-100 Start Up". It comes with our most popular item, the TF-100 test kit, the 18" Wall Whale Brush, the Skimmer Angel and the Speedstir...ALL FOR $149.50!!! This is most everything you need to take care of your pool. If you purchased these items separaretly it would cost $159.50. And you qualify for FREE SHIPPING! That is a HUGE saving! Check it out under "TF-100 Bundles"

If you have inherited a "Green Monster" (pool with algae), then try the "TF-100 Start Up XL". All the above mentioned items bundled with an XL option, which you will need to SLAM (shock, level and maintain) that monster!

Wow! No need to go to the pool store or even order anything on-line! We have put together the ultimate bundle package. The "TF-100 Start up DELUXE" has EVERYTHiNG a new pool owner needs to keep care of their pool. If you bought these items separately it would cost well over $250.00 with shipping. 

Our pool test kits....

1) The TF-100Test Kit - the finest, most comprehensive swimming pool test kit you can buy.

2) The TF-50 - A smaller, economical version of the TF-100 with smaller quantities of reagents. It DOES NOT have a daily pH and OTO test like the TF-100. We find that many people already have these tests.

Learn more by clicking Test Kits or log on to and get first-hand advice from folks already using these kits.

If you already own a kit and are simply looking for refills, we keep a complete inventory of refills for these kits.  Click the appropriate refill section on the left.  


We also stock Single Item Tests like the CYA Test and FAS/DPD Test as well as tests for Salt. 

We inventory an interesting product called Standard Solution.  It gives you an inexpensive way to calibrate your test results for TA and CYA.  These solutions are found in "Standard Solutions" 


As always, we promise the fastest shipping available (same business day if ordered by 2:00pm unless back ordered) and the absolute freshest chemistry available on the internet.


We can only ship these kits to the 50 US states and US territories.


* One year warranty on everything we sell!


*If you need help with your order, please call TFTestkits at 919-528-1454.


*If you need help with pool related questions, try first. They are the experts!