Test Kits

TF-100 Test Kit ™




The TF-100 sets the standard for excellence in Pool Testing Kits.  It contains 7 separate tests to give you accurate readings on each important pool water parameter.

There are SIX options that can be purchased at a discount when you purchase the TF-100. You must order through "Details" to get the discounted pricing.

**The TF-100 uses all reagents from Taylor Technologies. To find out more about the test kit, please look at https://www.troublefreepool.com/content/124-pool-test-kits-comparison


TF-50 Test Kit

The TF-50 is a small, economical version of the TF-100.  It contains all the same tests for your pool with one notable exception........It does not contain a pH test. 

We have found that many people looking for a good kit already have a pH test.  If you do and are looking for a high quality test kit at an economical price, please read the details. (This kit has more reagent than the K-2006 at a lesser cost.)