TF-100 Start Up DELUXE (TF-100 test kit, Speedstir, 18" Nylon Whale Wall brush, Skimmer Angel, Skimmer net, Fine mesh Leaf Rake, pH meter, Deluxe thermometer)

TF-100 Start up DELUXE bundle
MSRP: $250.00
Your Savings: $62.50 (25%)
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Wow! No need to go to the pool store or even order anything on-line! We have put together the ultimate bundle package. The TF-100 Start up DELUXE has EVERYTHiNG a new pool owner needs to keep care of their pool. If you bought these items separately it would cost well over $250.00 with shipping. It includes:

  • TF-100 test kit
  • 18 inch Wall Whale brush (Nylon)
  • Speedstir
  • Skimmer Angel
  • Fine Mesh leaf rake
  • Skimmer net with magnet
  • Deluxe thermometer
  • pH meter

This is a heck of a deal! You can view each item individually at our store for more details. We have a one year warranty on all products.