Individual Tests (K-1000, borates, CYA, FAS-DPD, salt, pH meters)

Borates Test Strips
  • 25 test strips to the bottle
  • Essential for pools using optional borates
Suggested Retail: $12.50
Our Price: $11.95
CYA (Cyanuric Acid) Test
  • 8 oz R-0013 CYA Reagent
  • Mixing cylinder
  • View tube calibrated 20-100ppm
K-1766 Taylor Salt Test
  • Dropwise test in increments of 200ppm
  • Very dependable and repeatable
Salt Test Strips - Aqua Chek
  • Strips test from 400 - 7000ppm
  • 10 strips available per Tube
  • Reliable and Simple
Taylor K-1000 Basic OTO Test Kit

This is a very basic chlorine and pH test.

Suggested Retail: $11.18
Our Price: $10.75
TF-100 Salt Test Kit

The TF-100 Salt Test Kit uses the same Taylor reagent in the K-1766.

Tests the sodium chloride left in your pool by salt water generators

 It includes:

-R-0718 Silver Nitrate Reagent (15 ml)

-R-0630 Chromate Indicator (15 ml)

-One instruction card

-One plain graduated cylinder